• San Ignacio, Belize May 2015

    This is 5 month old Jaylene Rubon and her mother, Daisy from San Ignacio. Daisy has a stable hemangioma of her right forehead. Daisy wanted an opinion about treatment options for her daughter. The HHA Team assured her that as Jaylene grew the hemangioma would shrink and resolve. We will be monitoring Jaylene on future Continue Reading

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  • About Us

    Based in New York City, Healing Hands Abroad is a multi-disciplinary group of volunteer medical professionals.  We share a common interest: providing specialized surgical care to the underprivileged communities of the world. Founder and President Dr. Michael J. Lacqua initially traveled to Central America to provide plastic surgical care to patients of the Cayo District Continue Reading

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  • Tena, Ecuador November 2016

      The Healing Hands Abroad Team traveled to Tena, Ecuador for a week-long mission serving the indigenous Kichwa communities around Tena, Misabualli and Chontapunta. These Amazon Basin mestizos people have poor access to healthcare, with only one public hospital in Tena which is both understaffed and devoid of specialty services. Many Kichwas are forced to Continue Reading

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  • Benque Viejo, Belize April 2014

    Rosibel Cruz, seen here with her two sons, Kieran and Zinaan, suffered from an enlarging, painful mass of her left upper thigh which she could not afford to have treated. The Team successfully removed what appeared to be a benign tumor at the Western Regional Medical Center, relieving Rosibel of much pain and worry.   Continue Reading

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  • Donate

    Healing Hands Abroad was established to address the prevalent issue of people in desperate need of specialized surgical care. Jesse is a perfect example of the type of patient we see repeatedly. We met Jesse through the staff of the Good Shepard Clinic about 7 years ago in the small village of Succotz in Western Continue Reading

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If you would like to learn more about Healing Hands Abroad or perhaps get involved, please feel free to contact us at staff@healinghandsabroad.com. 

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